Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Oahu Day 4

Day 4 on Oahu!

I got a recommendation from one of my best friends Megan about getting a groupon with Island Magic Catamaran in Waikiki.  I was so excited to do this excursion.  The catamaran takes you out to Turtle Canyon, a place where turtles go to get clean I guess with the natural filtration system in the reef there and the little fishies that clean stuff off their backs.  The catamaran provided all the snorkeling stuff, took a bunch of photos of us in the water (and gave them to us for FREE), caught an octopus and let us hold it, and helped us find turtles to swim with!  I didn't touch any turtles (illegal) but it was amazingly incredible and one of my trip highlights.  The turtles were SO SWEET and coming up for air and swimming around and it was awesome to be in the water with 200-300lb turtles swimming around.

Ready to see some turtles!  Who is that guy photobombing in the background?
Look a turtle!!  The turtles were so smart and funny.
I would see a big group of snorkelers all huddled around something.
Then a bunch of turtles would pop up for air like 20 yards away from them.
Snorkelers in love
I saw so many of these guys and it was so cool and awesome!
The guy in the water with us caught an octopus and let us hold it!  It was really sticky and cool.
Yeahhhh dog
Us after snorking....we are very white.
We stopped at Matsumoto's today and got a shave ice.  Pineapple coconut strawberry with ice cream and condensed milk! It is so good!

I was too afraid to try it with "the beans".
We drove into Waimea Valley but didn't get out due to incremental weather (ie too hot for Karl haha).

Waimea Valley out of the car window
We also went on a walk around the beaches at the resort that evening and I had fun bringing the 5d and taking pictures on my very own "photo safari."  Karl and I walked maybe 1/4 mile and found ourselves alone on a beach and so we sat down and watched the sun set.  With this picturesque landscape, I was extremely inspired!

 photo IMG_0436a_zps00d1a9c6.jpg

 photo IMG_0443a_zps40b09e98.jpg

 photo IMG_0447a_zpscf25bfa8.jpg

 photo IMG_0458a_zps3637d6c5.jpg

 photo IMG_0469a_zps27007afc.jpg

 photo IMG_0473a_zps41c76b95.jpg

 photo IMG_0475a_zpsc15ecf8b.jpg

 photo IMG_0476a_zpsdce64ac7.jpg

 photo IMG_0477a_zps4afe4070.jpg

 photo IMG_0478a_zps61450a5d.jpg


Teri said...

Oh my goodness, these 5d pictures are amazing! Can I frame some? They look so relaxing!

alligatortoe said...

I LOVE your beach photos, so inspiring and beautiful! :)

alligatortoe said...

I LOVE your beach photos, so inspiring and beautiful!!! :)