Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Oahu Day 3

Our next stop in Oahu was the Polynesian Cultural Center.  I was happy because it was located on the north shore which is where we were already staying so less driving.  Karl was really excited to go here!  We bought tickets for the whole day and for dinner and the luau in the evening.  No joke - Karl said to me "What's a luau?" :)

It was very very warm and so we tried to cool off as best we could.  Once the clouds came out around dinner time it was much cooler and we were in better moods.  I really liked watching the dances from each of the countries around lunch time.  Karl and I learned the hula and he was dancing, it was so funny.  We had a great time.  

Karl really does not like the heat :)
Our dinner tickets were in the island of Samoa and so were ate a traditional Samoan feast (with other american pleasantries for the weak) while we were entertained by live music, Samoan song and dance numbers, and basket weaving races. Karl was my personal waiter refilling my diet pepsi about a zillion times. Hey, when it's free it's free and nothing is free in Hawaii.  (side note, I went to the grocery store today and checked out with $50 worth of food and could hardly believe the incredible deal I was getting).  We got these cool woven headbands at dinner!

Cute Karl at dinner.  He's letting loose!  Can you tell?
Dinner was delicious and the entertainment was even better.  I think this dinner was my favorite thing at the PCC.
Us at dinner...we got these headbands because we were celebrating our anniversary!
August 18 will be 6 years for us!
Karl really wanted to get a henna tattoo and I was hesitant but quickly put my hesitations aside when I saw a howling wolf henna tattoo.  Karl got a really cool eagle and we felt very edgy for the rest of the week while they were still on our arms.  

"Disapproving Ashley" meme meets rebellious Ashley
Karl loves this
Amazing eagle but I still think we should have gotten matching howling wolves
Oh yes
The evening luau was really great and the dancers were very talented!  We enjoyed it a lot.
(Look I'm trying to be an authentic Hawaiian in this photo)

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