Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Princess Post - Snow White

On this princess post, I decided to do some experiments with cropping, editing, photoshop actions, as well as a collage editor online to display multiple photographs.

The problems I encountered and lessons I learned:
  • ISO 400 is way more grainy than I think it is - especially when cropping close up.  I really need to experiment more and get good at using my external flash instead of compromising quality when there is a lack of light.
  • I need to figure out a way to edit a white background brighter (yet natural looking) while keeping light skin from looking too blown out.  Any ideas?
  • I love some of the actions I created in photoshop that are speeding the editing process for me.  I took some ideas from here and there from my pinterest page and created some actions that I thought really brightened these up for me.  
  • Cropping can do wonders for a boring composition.
Overall a darling princess and I love the way the dress looks!  The heavily saturated blues and yellows really enhance the fabric and the texture looks nice.  This darling model was SO cute and was a perfect little snow white for me!  These dresses are courtesy of A Princess & A Pea.

 photo IMG_8574edited_zps079e7e03.jpg

 photo Fotor0320220216_zps25eb6d95.jpg

 photo IMG_8871edited_zps1934b6e5.jpg

 photo editedbwIMG_8877_zpseaa44d48.jpg

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Princess Post - Cinderella

I had the fun opportunity to take the photos for the opening of my friend's etsy shop.  She is a superb seamstress and designs and creates princess dresses for little girls that are DARLING.  I only wish I had a girl so I had an excuse to purchase some for my kid!  The dresses are such good quality, machine washable (a big plus in my book) and can be made to any specification on length and size.  I also loved the fact that as we were helping the girl's get dressed, they could step into the top or put it on over their head because of the elastic top.

I had such fun taking these pictures that I thought it would be fun for me to edit and post my favorites from the shoots here as well as some of the ones selected for the etsy shop.  It took some of the cute little girls a few moments to warm up to me, but I tried really hard to get them to curtsy and twirl and laugh and say "I'm gorgeous!" so it was really good for me to get out of my comfort zone of shooting people that just sit and do what I tell them to and smile.  I love how these turned out!

So for my first princess...I give you darling Cinderella!

 photo IMG_8767edited_zps7fc417c0.jpg

 photo IMG_8536edited_zpsa29f11da.jpg

 photo IMG_8792edited_zps2e0c2904.jpg

 photo IMG_8795editedcropped_zps91b2f88d.jpg

 photo IMG_8808edited_zpscebb9932.jpg

 photo IMG_8818editedbw2_zpsa2a45cc8.jpg