Sunday, November 4, 2007

Og the frog blogged in the soggy fog

I've never blogged before, or at least not in this sense. Ash says I can write about anything I want, like my brain on paper, only less messy.

Right now, we're just sitting here killing time, ironic considering all the stuff we have to do. Like laundry for example (which I have to go change in like five minutes). My whole life I've stuck to having about two or three pairs of pants and half a dozen shirts to cover work, church, and casual dressing agenda's. Therefore, I never much thought of laundry as being a particularily grueling or time consuming task. I'd just toss them all in the laundry pour some soap in and: ta da* clean clothes. Who'd have guessed your supposed to do seperate loads for lights, darks, colors, bright colors, pastels, jeans, hankerchifs...maybe thats a little bit of an exageration but not much. It's one of those things I've already learned in the two and a half months we've been married. I've been trying to learn how to do husbandy things like cook, clean, and watch sports on TV. I even joined a fantasy basketball league with some guy at my work. Apparently you pick a list of real players and then watch all of there games and add up their stats and stuff. I haven't watched any games yet and I don't remember who is on my team but I have a good feeling about winning. HaHa. I've never been much for sports, except of course for BYU football, and hockey fights and X games. And occasionally golf. Ironic huh? All in all tho- I must be doing something right because I'm married to the cutest girl you've ever met. :) !!!! And speaking of that, I guess I'd better go jump on that laundry. (like seven baskets) But I'd like to leave you all with a great picture of my good friend Doxey who is in the Ukraine right now spreading the gospel and doing sick back flips off of tanks.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Our Apartment - the remix

Due to popular demand - more pictures of our apartment are now available. I will caption them here:

This is our blue bathroom. Karl wanted it to be blue and I couldn't pick what kind of blue I liked so we went with a bunch of different color blues:

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This is half of our living room. In the corner you will see the potted palm that Karl gave me for my birthday yesterday!! It is so great. I wanted a pet that was low maintenance and I have also always wanted a potted palm. I watered it today and it was fun. I am still thinking of a name for it - any suggestions??

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This is the other half of our living room with our bookshelf from target ($40) <-- bargain.

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This is our cute red kitchen!!! I love it so much. It is so nice to have your own kitchen.

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This is our table and chairs from IKEA that you can't see very well because my jacket is in the way.

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This is our bedroom with the cute quilt that I got at my bridal shower! You can see my laptop on the bed where I am sitting now typing this and uploading pictures.

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By the way - I had a great birthday. Karl bought me the cutest matching shirt and headband AND a potted palm. I got a great birthday package from my family (mommy) in the mail and it had a bunch of cute stuff from my un-finished registry at Crate and Barrel. Karl and I went out to Winger's and then went and saw "Dan in Real Life" at the movies - which I loved. Then we came home and went to bed EARLY! At 10:30!! So I got enough sleep that night, which was double nice. All in all it was a really great day. Tomorrow I am going out to eat with Teri and Andrea at Tucano's with my birthday coupon they sent me in the mail.

I LOVE being married!! It is so fun!