Sunday, November 4, 2007

Og the frog blogged in the soggy fog

I've never blogged before, or at least not in this sense. Ash says I can write about anything I want, like my brain on paper, only less messy.

Right now, we're just sitting here killing time, ironic considering all the stuff we have to do. Like laundry for example (which I have to go change in like five minutes). My whole life I've stuck to having about two or three pairs of pants and half a dozen shirts to cover work, church, and casual dressing agenda's. Therefore, I never much thought of laundry as being a particularily grueling or time consuming task. I'd just toss them all in the laundry pour some soap in and: ta da* clean clothes. Who'd have guessed your supposed to do seperate loads for lights, darks, colors, bright colors, pastels, jeans, hankerchifs...maybe thats a little bit of an exageration but not much. It's one of those things I've already learned in the two and a half months we've been married. I've been trying to learn how to do husbandy things like cook, clean, and watch sports on TV. I even joined a fantasy basketball league with some guy at my work. Apparently you pick a list of real players and then watch all of there games and add up their stats and stuff. I haven't watched any games yet and I don't remember who is on my team but I have a good feeling about winning. HaHa. I've never been much for sports, except of course for BYU football, and hockey fights and X games. And occasionally golf. Ironic huh? All in all tho- I must be doing something right because I'm married to the cutest girl you've ever met. :) !!!! And speaking of that, I guess I'd better go jump on that laundry. (like seven baskets) But I'd like to leave you all with a great picture of my good friend Doxey who is in the Ukraine right now spreading the gospel and doing sick back flips off of tanks.

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Heather said...

AShley how come you never update your blog?
I was thinking about you today and I miss you! How are things? How's school and work and married life and any babies on the horizon?
Anyways, I hope things are fabulous!
Love, Heather