Thursday, August 8, 2013

Lauren Rae

I love going home and visiting California for many reasons, but one great reason is because I have a beautiful little sister!  I love taking photos of her for many reasons: 1) she is so photogenic, 2) she lets me experiment with her (try this pose, wait while I set this setting, lay down over there, etc), 3) she sits still (it is very refreshing after taking photos of Dean) and 4) her photos are so fun to edit!

I made a goal this summer to do some more experimenting with my external flash.  Shooting with a flash is different for me because I am used to just pushing the shutter button all the time and taking pictures extremely quickly.  With the flash you have to wait a few seconds between each shot; guess I am a little spoiled!  I experimented on this shoot adjusting the stops to my flash and seeing how light was able to be bounced off of Lauren's face in different ways.  I used my flash diffuser on the flash to blend the light a little and make it less harsh.

On a second note, I also made a goal this summer to keep experimenting with different photoshop edits on pictures.  So, each edit has a different feel but I liked the eclectic nature of these images.  Lauren you are beautiful and I love you!