Sunday, August 4, 2013

Big Island Day 7 Part 1

Today we began our "Big Island Circle Tour" which turned out to be an all day event.  Even though it was long, we had a few AWESOME stops along the way.  I took so many pictures this day that I am going to have to split this blog post up into multiple parts.  It was great to see the many climate zones of the big island while drive around.  We left Kona (West side of the island) and drove North and then drove in a circle all around the outside of the island.

We left early in the morning (for us) around 8.  It was so interesting how the drive went from really bare volcanic fields with weeds and such and then opened up into this gorgeous countryside (Waimea) with lush green plants and clouds rolling on the ground and mist.

Us beginning the circle tour
Windy jungly roads
More jungle roads
Our first stop on the circle tour was zipling at Akaka Falls.  This was about a 2.5 hour drive from Kona.  Through some luck we were the only ones on our ziplining tour!  Cool!

Arriving at zip lining place
Karl said he found my doppleganger in a magazine.  Unfortunately I got excited and thought he was being serious.

Ready to start the zip lining!  
There were 7 platforms on the zip line that get bigger and better.  This first was was a baby zip line.
At each zip line platform, they had a Hawaiian food growing that we would pick and eat.
This is a super spicy Hawaiian chili plant which Karl loved and I did not participate in.  

Us after one of the zip lines over that mini waterfall
Me eating an apple banana that I picked.  It tasted like a more starchy banana.  I love bananas so I loved this!
Karl ziplining
Us on a zipline platform
Getting ready to zipline!
This was the last zipline where you are ziplining for 90 seconds and you get up to 50 miles an hour.
It had an incredible view of the waterfall!
Us with the waterfall
We had a great time zipling over the waterfall.  Since we were already at Akaka Falls I somehow convinced Karl to brave the heat of a 10 minute walk to go and see the waterfall more close up.  Ahhh marriage and it's compromises.  I took some great pictures on this little hike there with the 5d.  

 photo IMG_0520a_zps8d4105f8.jpg

 photo IMG_0523a_zps2b8db034.jpg

 photo IMG_0568a_zps67356e77.jpg

 photo IMG_0539a_zps260de381.jpg

 photo IMG_0541a_zps7dffaf99.jpg

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