Monday, April 8, 2013

Night Photography

Yep, just taking picture of my usual subject, the sky behind the sugar beet factory behind my house.  The colors, saturation of the sky, the clearness of the stars, the way the clouds and sun shine through, and the weather all make for a different subject each time.

This time I experimented with long exposures and making sure everything was in crisp focus and best quality with ISO 100.  I was surprised that on some of my images stars came through - I'll have to go out on another clear night and try just zooming in on the stars and seeing what kinds of pictures I can come up with.

I mostly just cropped these images - the colors were that saturated straight out of the camera!

photo IMG_9050-factoryatnight_zps5e1fabbd.jpg

 photo IMG_9049edited_zps6d9c9fc3.jpg

 photo IMG_9051edited_zps7499cb40.jpg

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