Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Self Portrait

I have a giant mirror hanging in my living room so after one photo shoot I was doing I snapped a few pictures of myself in the mirror.  I like the idea of a portrait of me with my camera because it's very environmental, natural and describes me well.

I took a risk on this one and did a major 45 degree tilt when I took the image. I know some of my photo students and other fellow photographers would describe massive tilting or tilting of the horizon line as a sort of faux pas - however, what's the point of rules if you don't break them every now and then?  I liked the geometric lines, angles and framing that tilt gave the image.  I like how the camera is lined up straight with the edge of the photo so it seems like the one thing in the image that isn't tilted.  I tried a black and white tutorial edit that I pinned on my photography pinterest page - I liked it, it was easy and was only a few steps!

 photo IMG_8470selfportraitedited2_zpsdb7aa14c.jpg

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