Sunday, July 29, 2012

French Quarter

I've known since back in February that Karl had something secret planned for me when he made me reserve a week on my calendar in July for him. No matter how hard I prodded he would not tell me the secret! Eventually I deduced that it was some sort of trip, but I had no idea where/why/what/how we were going to pay for it.

So last week the secret day finally arrived and I was instructed to pack a bag. We sat in the airport parking lot and Karl told me that we were going to disneyworld for the week! I was so excited!! We stayed at a hotel at the resort Karl picked out called the French Quarter because he knew I would love it.

The last night we were there we were out for a midnight jaunt to get some pizza and I brought along the 5D with me on it's tripod to shoot some shots around the pretty gardens near our room...on the way to the pizza. A shirtless british man who was drunk started talking to us and he was pretty cool. He wanted to show me how to "jailbreak" my 5d. This was not my idea of a good time so we left and went and got pizza.

It was so humid out that after I stepped out of our hotel room my lens immediately fogged up. It was 100% humidity that night and I kept having to wipe the lens with my shirt (photography students: do not do this - this is not appropriate care for a lens) to clear out the fog.

Here are some shots that I took that night. These are pretty much straight out of the camera, with the exception of some cropping, and I added a teeny bit of contrast to the 3rd image. The intense yellow lighting turned out neat. What do you think?




Here I tried a long exposure with my tripod a few times. Not the best composition but kind of cool water shot. Photobucket

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Karl said...

Hey Ash- these look awesome. It's incredible to me just how photography can bring out the simple beauty that you missed actually being somewhere because the swampy heat and humidity was slowly eating away at your sanity and will to live.

You are going to do a post from animal kingdom right??