Tuesday, May 14, 2013


I love love love good chocolate.  Like, the expensive kind that costs like $20 a pound.  After you taste these chocolates every other chocolate you have ever eaten reminds you of garbage/candle wax.  Occasionally, when we have a holiday or special occasion in my family, we will go and get a pound of See's candies.  What I like to do is go to the store, take the menu outside, circle all of the chocolates that I would like to get, and go in and order the chocolate - I get a little giddy (kid in a candy shop?).

We had a pound of See's a few weeks ago and I knew that we were going to be photographing food in advanced photography as well as the theme "food" for the month of May in photo club, so I decided that these little chocolates would be delightful little subjects.

A couple lessons learned on this shoot.  1) Lighting always matters,  but it really mattered on this shoot.  I had a huge range of exposures and the way the light hits the chocolate really makes a difference on the "food photography - does this food look tasty" scale. 2) Depth of field - I was up close and personal with these chocolates but that made a key difference in my area of sharpness - a few great photos turn out to be just the teensiest bit not sharp enough.  I needed to back up a little bit because my aperture had to be open as wide as possible considering the light in the room - maybe that would have provided me with a tad more area of focus. 3) I need to go buy some chocolate.  Like today.

 photo IMG_8430_zps9dba93e6.jpg

 photo IMG_8433_zps615a21d4.jpg

 photo IMG_8441_zps70e4b4f4.jpg

 photo IMG_8443_zps2a71cc44.jpg

And my personal favorite:  photo IMG_8446_zps0117d49a.jpg

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Melissa said...

Bordeauxs are my FAVORITE. What beautiful pictures of my little lovelies. :D