Sunday, June 14, 2009

Teri's Wedding

Last week was my sister Teri's wedding in San Diego. It was so beautiful and we had a really wonderful time visiting with family before and after the wedding. There was a reception the day of the wedding and an open house a week later for Michael's side of the family. I snapped a few photos at the open house and here are a few of my favorites.

This is Michael's niece, who is about the cutest little girl alive. She grabbed my leg and wouldn't let go. We were playing animals together and she was a butterfly and I got to be a bunny, since those are both "girl animals." "Boy animals" included sharks, tigers, and worms. I could not convince her that there are girl tigers too.

I really liked the centerpieces. Orange sounds like a crazy wedding color, but it really was beautiful.

Candid shots are great because they show real expression, in this case, you can tell that they really like each other!

My fave of Teri:

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Jay said...

Phenomenal. Ash you're so talented with photography, even after years of standing behind you with the camera bag I am so impressed. 143.