Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I Love Animals.

I got 13 hours of sleep last night. That means tonight at 1 AM, I am not tired at all. After Karl and I had an IBC root beer party where we scobbed Teri at word twist and then drank root beer to keep up moral, we then watch 4 episodes of Prison Break and now Karl is too tired to stay awake. So, I was reading some blogs and decided it had been a while since I updated my blog; however, I have no new pictures to update it with! So I scoured my hard drive and looked for something to blog about. Hooray! I have successfully located pictures. My family went to Sea World over Christmas break and I never blogged about it! I am so happy for a belated Sea World Extravaganza. I will now give you a tour of a wonderful place, full of magical mystery, and deadly fish.

It all begins at the very beginning, when my camera was too heavy to hold so Karl was holding it for me...
My mom, Teri, Me, Vincent (punk)

We decided that it would be best to go and visit Sting Ray Pond. This is a place where you can go and feel sting rays. I was very excited because I got to go see and touch a real animal that could very possibly take my life! (RIP Steve Irwin) You can tell by my face JUST how excited I was:

My Dad, My Mom, Me, Teri

After this, we have the Shrieking Eels, made famous by the most quoted movie in history. One of the eels gave me the "eelvil eye". Get it? I reclaimed my camera as we shot this memoric event:

Crazy Eel, hungry and ready to be fed

Lauren was pretty scared that she was going to be eaten by an eel. I comforted her by making her model her scared face for me.


Lauren, scared after an eel made an attempt on her life

Here is my hottie of a husband Karl. He is apparently needing a neck rub and his wife is slacking.


Karl is so happy to be at Seaworld!

Vincent (punk brother) stole a woman's wheelchair and tried to roll away before I caught him on camera. He returned the wheelchair.


Vincent, caught in the act!

Finally, we reach the Rocky Horror Shamu Show. I honestly thought Shamu was either going to eat someone or squash someone. Both would be equally horrible. Here is the evidence:

Shamu, after getting a running head start, begins to surface...

...right into the audience, where he proceeds to bite someone's head off!

Last but not least, we arrived at the Penguins, who were very cute. I can't think of anything really clever to say except that this particular penguin looked like it was trying to decapitate itself.
Cute Penguin

Overall, Seaworld was great. I had a lot of fun 2 months ago. I think that everyone should go. Time for bed. It's late.


Jenny Jackson said...

Ash, you should sleep really long more often. I loved seeing the great pictures from Sea World. :)

chaela mcdonald said...

OMG(osh) that whale literally looks like it is going to eat someone. I feel like watching Free Willy now. Do you remember that movie?! LOVE it. LOVE you.

P.S. name the movie: "Love it. Love everything. Love the shoes, love the bag, love everything."