Sunday, February 15, 2009

Blue Background of Glory

I am entering a photography contest where the winners get to go to Egypt! I have a great partner. Her name is Chaela and she is great (check out her blog). We were scoping out some locations to do photoshoots at and we stumbled upon this awesome factory with cool blue walls, which Chaela so appropriately titled "the blue background of glory." So, being the photographers that we are, we got out of the car and did a photoshoot.

This is Chaela. She's beautiful!

Here is my favorite shot:

If you look closely, I'm hiding in her eye.

Blue Background of Glory - courtesy of:

PS. Got a new lens. THE lens. Will post more pictures soon.


Emily Hartvigsen said...

Hey! I know exactly where this is..I've thought of taking some pictures there too. :) We actually live near this place (a little south east of it)
Great pics!

chaela mcdonald said...

Ashley The blue background of glory has never looked better!!!!!!!!! (with your photography skills and my looks)

You are the best!!