Monday, February 25, 2013

Dinosaur Museum

So this week's assignment for the photo club that I advise at OHSU/Mountain Heights Academy was "Location hunt: take pictures in a location you've never been to before".  On president's day, I went with my family to the Dinosaur museum at thanksgiving point.  We had a really fun time, even my two year old!  We saw a lot of fossils, interactive exhibits, learned a lot and watched "Beasts of the Ice Age" (or something like that) at the IMAX theater. 

I've actually never shot pictures with my nice camera at a museum like this, unless you count seaworld but I don't because those animals were alive.  On some of my images, I put a cool vintage edit just for fun to emphasize that these are photos of old things.

I had to really pump up my ISO because the lighting was very cool but very dim.  The bones of dinosaurs make really cool shadows with lighting.

 photo IMG_8416_zps2a4843af.jpg

 photo IMG_8375_zps32cb0f3c.jpg

 photo IMG_8372_zps1e3608bf.jpg

 photo IMG_8415_zpsbade2d62.jpg

This top one (below) is a picture of petrified lighting.  I liked the geometric rhythm that I was able to get from a lot of these old fossils.

 photo IMG_8355_zpscf712aa4.jpg

 photo IMG_8422_zps8ecde206.jpg

Bones like this have really interesting repetition and harmony.

 photo IMG_8371_zpse7a2c525.jpg

I liked the perspective of this shot and the line of the work hoe.

 photo IMG_8349_zps3087f5ea.jpg

This squid was hanging in the air and it really dark all around it, I just bumped up the contrast and levels of the squid.  It turned out cooler than I thought it would look.

 photo IMG_8359_zps5efd6481.jpg

This was just a cool shot of the ceiling.  It was weird and I liked it!

 photo IMG_8360_zps50e74a5e.jpg


Melissa said...

Wow, Ashley! I love the photos. I have a new Cannon EOS T4i, and I need to learn more about it. My outside shots are great, but I don't even know how to change the iso. Sad, huh?

alligatortoe said...

I always love looking at your photos! I especially loved the second shot in this series - the lighting and depth of field make for a moody scene with a surprising sense of movement, especially considering these are fossils that have been dead for thousands of years!! You are awesome :)

Ashley said...

Thank you both so much! :)