Saturday, September 24, 2011

A Mess

My mom and I make cards together occasionally. She is the brainchild of the operation, and comes up with the concept and then I help in the execution. We've made lots of cards together and most of them include photos of her doing something weird or funny, with a funny caption. Ever since Dean was born, Dean is now in the photo or the star of the card himself. My mom wanted to make a little "thank you" insert for some thank you cards she was sending out this week and had the idea for Dean to star by himself in the card, so I staged a photoshoot and this is how the final card turned out. My mom said as she was writing the card, "I kept stopping and looking at the picture for a few minutes between writing each card!" :)

Can you believe Dean is going to be 1 next month? He had his 11 month birthday yesterday!


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Michael and Teri said...

Every single time I see this card, it makes me so happy.