Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Cake Boss(es)

My very good friend Megan Rogers is into decorating cakes. She is going to start a cake decorating business and make tons of money! One day Megan and I were both bored on the same day, so she came over to my house and taught me some tips and tricks for cake decorating! I had a blast. Check out our beautiful cake!




Danielle Smith said...

Dang girl!! Now I feel extra special being your neighbor! You so fancy!!
PS-um, are you on facebook? I am. My email is iemdani@hotmail.com. What's yours?

Medagum said...

Man, we awesome! So tonight in my class I learned how to make these really cute pigs out of frosting that clowns. I thought I would hate the clowns and never do them, but they actually look super cute in real life. Also, I learned how to use some new tips! It's pretty exciting stuff.

we still need to watch project runway some time.