Friday, December 11, 2009

Our REAL Christmas Tree

Karl and I decided instead of doing a fakesy tree this year we would do a real tree to celebrate our real house that we now live in. So in now-annual Webb family tradition, we loaded ourselves up in the car on December 1 and went to the Christmas tree lot. It was fun to pick out a baby tree. We wanted something under $20 so here it is! I thought it would be a lot smaller, but 5 feet is pretty good for $20.

A few nights ago I decided to play around with the shutter speed on my camera and I got this result. By the way, Karl agreed to let me start saving up for the Canon 5D camera if he could get some sort of expensive weapon. So now I am saving up for both. Hooray!


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Emily Hartvigsen said...

Ha ha ha! You sound EXACTLY like Andy and I. I want a Nikon D300 or D700 which is $1,7000 and $2,700. And whenever I bring it up in conversation, Andy talks about all the kinds of guns he can get with that kind of money.
Anyway, that's exciting that a new camera is in your future! I can't wait to upgrade my camera.
Your tree looks great. I always like long exposures with Christmas tree photos.