Monday, October 15, 2007

Our Apartment

I just started a Karl and Ashley blog so that way our friends and family would have a way to keep up on us. We are doing great - so happy and having so much fun being married. Karl is working on getting some computer certifications for the moment and I am still working on my Technology and Engineering Education major. My mom helped me arrange our wedding pictures on the wall and so here is a picture of our living room. I guess you can see into our room as well. So - whenever you want to keep up on us - come to our blog!


Kevin said...

Nice apartment. Cool website. Take more pictures of your apartment so we can see the whole thing. Bye for now.

Your favorite uncle,


Kevin said...

Or, maybe I should just stop by and visit sometime. When are you and Karl going to invite us over to your apartment?


Judy Spencer said...

I like seeing the picture of your apartment too. Let's see the kitchen and all the red wedding gifts.


Elder Snow said...

Hi Ash and Karl! Greetings from London. Sorry we couldn't be to your wedding, but I'm sure you understand. Your place looks nice. Where is it?

Regards to all,


Granpa (Don) (Elder Snow) (DRS)

Julie said...

Ashley you are a great photographer. We love the pictures and we love both of you.
Julie, Boyd and the Kaysville kids

alligatortoe said...

I think you and your blog are lovely, so I nominated you for the “One Lovely Blog” award! You can see it here:

Love you!

(ps. you don't have an "About Me" page so I commented here!)